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Provider Resources


How Can I Provide Child Care Services for Subsidized Families?

  • Licensed Family Child Care Providers – A person who has become licensed through the Department of Social Services/Community Care Licensing (DSS/CCL) and cares for a child for part of the day for a fee.
  • R&R’s “Steps to Become a Licensed Family Child Care Provider”
  • TrustLine Providers – A person unrelated to a child who has been cleared through the TrustLine Registry and cares for the child for part of the day for a fee.

How to become a registered TrustLine Provider

  • TrustLine Exempt Providers – An AUNT, UNCLE, or GRANDPARENT (through blood, marriage, or court decree) who takes care of a child for part of the day for a fee.

How Does the Subsidized Program Work?

  • Watch the Monarch Instructional Video here
  • Subsidized Program Handbook

Forms : Subsidized Provider Documents


How To Become A Licensed Child Care Provider

  • Call Our Technical Assistance Line – Ext. 752
  • Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP)
  • Finding Approved Health and Safety Training
  • Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA)
  • SFCS Health and Safety Trainings

How to Sign Up for Our Referral Program

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  • Community Networking
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Business Practices


Who qualifies for the Food Program?

Participants must be either:

  • A family child care home licensed by the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing /OR
  • TrustLine Registered with a final clearance letter

Once your License or TrustLine Registration is received and you have at least one child in your care, you are eligible to begin participating in the CACFP. Please contact our CACFP staff for more information.

(707) 863-3950, extension #131

Click here to learn additional information about the Food Program.