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Provider Resources


1. How To Become A Licensed Child Care Provider

- Call Our Technical Assistance Line – Ext. 752

- Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP)

- Finding Approved Health and Safety Training

  • Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA)
  • SFCS Health and Safety Trainings (ADD A LINK)

2. How to Sign Up for Our Referral Program              

3. Lending Library – Summary/Descriptive Blurb

4. Workshops

  • Community Networking
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Business Practices

1. How Can I Provide Child Care Services for Subsidized Families?

- Licensed Family Child Care Providers – A person who has become licensed through the Department of Social Services/Community Care Licensing (DSS/CCL) and cares for a child for part of the day for a fee.

R&R’s “Steps to Become a Licensed Family Child Care Provider”

- TrustLine Providers – A person unrelated to a child who has been cleared through the TrustLine Registry and cares for the child for part of the day for a fee.  

  • How to become a registered TrustLine Provider

- TrustLine Exempt Providers – An AUNT, UNCLE, or GRANDPARENT (through blood, marriage, or court decree) who takes care of a child for part of the day for a fee.

  1. How Does the Subsidized Program Work?

- Watch the Monarch Instructional Video here

- Subsidized Program Handbook – (Add LINK to Handbook)

  1. Forms (Add LINK to Subsidized Provider Documents)
  2. Information Regarding Other Programs

- Food Program (Add LINK to Food Program)

- Resource & Referral (Add LINK to Referral Program)