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Triple P
Positive Parenting Program (PPP)

What is Triple P?

Triple P is a parenting program, but it does not tell you how to be a parent. It is more like a toolbox of ideas. You choose the strategies you need. You choose the way you want to use them. It is all about making Triple P work for you.

Triple P helps you:

  • Raise happy, confident kids
  • Manage misbehavior so everyone in the family enjoys life more
  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • Encourage behavior you like
  • Take care of yourself as a parent
  • Feel confident you’re doing the right thing

We provide a one-on-one format that assists parents on a specific single behavior at a time within 3 – 4 sessions (only 15 minutes per session).

Examples of topics include but not limited to: Balancing Work and Family, Separation Anxiety, Tantrums, Lying, Being a Good Sport in Sporting Events, etc.

Triple P sessions are offered over the phone, in person, or online in English or Spanish.

Family Strengthening

The Strengthening Families framework is a research-informed approach to increase family strengths, enhance child development, and reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

Protective factors are characteristics or strengths of individuals, families, communities or societies that act to mitigate risks and promote positive well-being and healthy development. Most often, we see them as attributes that help families to successfully navigate difficult situations.

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We work to engage families, programs, and communities in building the five protective factors through the following:

Ask us how you can learn more about Family Strengthening for your family.