Judith Lefler

Judith grew up in the great outdoors of Montana.  She moved to California to attend the University of California School of Nursing in San Francisco.

Professionally, she has worked as a pediatric intensive care supervisor, a PHN in Child Welfare in San Francisco and the Assistant Director of the Bay Area Academy, one of 5 regional training academies for Child Welfare in California. She has always been a trainer, focusing on child development, trauma and drug and alcohol exposed children. In 2015 she retired and worked as a consultant for child welfare, mostly training new foster families in Northern California.

As a retiree, it was very important that she continue to give back to the community and at that time elected to become a board member for SFCS.

In her personal life she is the proud parent and step parent to 4 children and 7 grandchildren., all with diverse backgrounds. When not spending time with them, she is a hiker, kayaker, gardener and enjoys decorating. She also loves her dog, Jaxson. Living a life of gratitude and forgiveness is an important aspect of all she does.

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